What i offer


£3000 PAYG
  • Home / Gym / Outdoor sessions
  • Get help to reach your goals
  • Learn new techniques
  • Receive nutrition guidance
  • Build your confidence
  • Become educated in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Extra charges for home visits incurred


£750 PAYG
  • Outdoor / Home / Zoom Sessions
  • Low impact classes
  • Gluteus and Core focus
  • Come with, or without your child
  • Block booking discounts available see price plan by bookings or contact PT


£750 PAYG
  • Learn the fundamentals of boxing
  • Become educated in self defence
  • Build confidence and strength
  • One to One Boxing Sessions available
  • Home plans to follow to get fighting fit


£750 PAYG
  • Outdoor fitness classes
  • Full body workouts
  • Working different energy systems to get you burning fat and losing weight
  • High and Low impact available with a PT to keep you safe throughout
  • Utilising lots of equipment to keep you on your toes, build strength and stop you getting bored!

Primary School Boxing Classes

My aim is to make your kids look forward to their class and never know what is coming from one week to the next. I’ll teach them the basics of boxing which will improve their motor skills and they will take part in team games to build their cardiovascular fitness and improve their teem spirit. I also educate them anatomy, the importance of exercise and how to prevent injuries.

  • Consent Form

  • Children’s PAR-Q

  • PAR-Q

  • PT Questionnaire

One 2 One Boxing

Wanting to learn a new skill?

Don’t feel like you’re getting enough from a group session and want to learn more quickly?

Work on your footwork, punch technique, combinations, defence and get points to work on before your next training session.

High School Boxing

You will learn the basic skills of boxing and defence.

Anatomy of the body.

How to warm up properly, how to reduce your risk of injuries, the importance of a cool down and how to stretch properly.

The sessions shall be fun working on multiple planes of motion to build stability and to reduce risk of injuries.

Some sessions will be harder to improve your fitness and strength levels and to get you prepared for one day when you may get to fight if that’s your goal!

Personal Training

I am here to guide you to reach your fitness goals.

Be this to teach you proper technique, show you different exercises or show you how to use gym equipment.


I also provide specific programmes tailored to your needs to follow when I am not around with key points and the ability to message me directly if you are unsure of anything.


I also provide you nutritional guidance with calorie goals to help you make small changes and educate you in what is in the foods you are eating and what may be causing you to struggle with reaching weight loss/ gaining goals.

Training Equipment

Item Price
Boxing Gloves (4oz) £15
Adults Gloves (14oz) £25
Wraps £6
Skipping Ropes £6
T-Shirts £15
Hoodies Kids £20
Hoodies Adults £25


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Classes for all ages plus one on one training that will get you ready for anything life throws at you!

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